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17 December 2021
Major Upcoming International Film Festivals

Film festivals are organized events that are conducted to present various movies of that year. It may be conducted for short films or commercial films. It is conducted in various regions. Mostly it is conducted annually so as to screen all the movies preceding that year. Film festivals are important links to connect the global culture. It is a grand platform where people who want to collaborate with film industry. The film festival is also a platform where best film contributions are awarded and are given chance to work in the industry.
Some of the famous International film festivals are:

Cannes Film Festival
It is an international film festival conducted in Cannes, France. Popularly known as ‘Festival de Cannes’. It previews new films in all genres from all around the world. It is invite only festival and is conducted usually in May at Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.  It is one among the major European film festivals. The festival was formally accredited by the FIAPF in 1951.Next year’s the festival is scheduled to be conducted from 17th May to 28th May 2022.

Venice Film Festival
An International film festival conducted on the island of Lido in the Venice Lagoon.In 1951, FIAPF formally accredited the festival. It is the world’s oldest film festival. It screens films from all over the world. It is conducted late August to early September. August 31, 2022 - September 10, 2022 is the estimated date for the next year’s festival

Berlin International Film Festival
It is usually called as ‘Berlinale’ and held annually in Germany. Along with the festival they also conduct the famous film trade fair European Film Market, a week-long series of lectures and workshops conducted for budding film makers. The Berlin festival is conducted in February and it has the largest public attendance in the world. For the year 2022 the festival is scheduled to be conducted on February 10th to 20th.
Toronto International Film Festival
It is conducted in Toronto, Canada. It is largest publically attended film festival. Most Hollywood screenings are presented in this festival. The TIFF’s mission is to "to transform the way people see the world through film".  The dates are not scheduled for the next year.

Sundance Film Festival
It is annual international film festival organized in United States by the Sundance Institute. It is the largest independent film festival that takes place each January in Park City, Utah; Salt Lake City, Utah; and at the Sundance Resort. It showcases movies by new American and international film makers. The 2022 film festival is going to be held on 20 Jan, 2022 –30 Jan, 2022.

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