Short films
Short films are quickly becoming popular in the whole world. People have accepted short films, as they are an influential and powerful medium to portray many of the issues that take place in our society. One of the main advantages of short films is that they can be created with a low budget or with no budget. Although short films can be made with a low budget, short films are often screened at local, national, or international film festivals. Therefore, high-quality, creative, and well-planned short films or short films that give a message can receive awards and applause at the national or international level or gain popularity in the public.

LK Productions International is a team of ardent and creative filmmakers. Some of the most acclaimed directors and film lovers are working together with the company to fulfill their dream. The production house is steered by the supervision of much admired and award-winning directors such as Vidhu Vincent, Mecartin, and Saheer Abbas. The opening project of the production house is “Made in the truth of tomorrow”. The company will come up with plenty of creative and potent short films in the future that inspire and entertain people across the world.

LK Productions International will offer the audience a chance to watch the short films completed by us on this page. In the present day, many short films are released on social media platforms, YouTube, and Vimeo. Some of these short films are good to watch and give us something inspirational. However, many short films are below standard, and it destroys the whole purpose of short films. Our team aims to create high-quality short films that deliver our audience a moral or social message important to them. Our Short films will leave the audience wanting more from us.