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18 December 2021
Interested Towards Script Writing & Direction? Then Pursue career in it.

One of the major career opportunities provided by film industry is script writing and direction. It is the main role that helps in film making process.  The term script writing means to explain in detail how to shot and present various scenes in a movie. In direction the person who is directing will visualise screenplay and control various artistic and dramatic concepts of film.  A person according to their skills can take up both roles of director and scriptwriter if he/she is trained in doing so.
Directors and script writers can work for any forms of entertainment such as television shows, movies, documentaries, daily television serials and OTT platform series such as Netflix, YouTube, prime, etc.
Script writing requires lots of creative thinking and knowledge. A script writer does not just write stories, he/she have to elaborate every scene, how the enacting should be and how the camera must be angled in order to get best shot. If the person has the skill and is motivated enough to work in this profession can achieve their goals through following strategies.

  • Learn the art of screen writing- Though you may have talent for writing what you imagine it is important to mould the skill according to the needs of the industry. Film writing takes long hours and there is involvement of different members of crew while writing story of a film. There may be difference of opinions by different members of film crew which may need to be incorporated.  To learn how to handle all these situations and create best plot it is important you are trained by experts.
  • Write down your ideas- Whenever you feel that you have a plot in my mind note it down and write. Though you may not be able to shoot now you can make a portfolio of it or you can publish it.
  • Study screenplays- Try to collect screen plays of different writers and refer them. Especially of those people who you admire and try to understand their style of writing.
  • Read- Read various books that is based on script writing. Try to understand screen writing formats.
  • Try to work under mentors- Mentors will be able to train you in real sets and you can assist them during a film production.
  • Learn latest trends and current successful concept- Try to understand what genre of plots attract the audience the most. Film is also a business, it is important that you understand the market to sell your film successfully.
  • Try getting appointments in production houses for hearing your scripts- Film makers need fresh plots so try to attract their attention towards your unique storytelling.

These steps paves the way for becoming a successful script writer.
Moving onto direction, for many, becoming a movie director is a dream job. If you are ready to invest your time and have the creative foresight and the great ability to make something out of nothing. Keep in mind that the job of a film director is very competitive and can take years or even decades to reach a goal. But if this is your dream, you should!
  • Study from best film institutes- Qualification is a very important factor to earn position in film industry.
  • Watch various award winning movies and note the important contributing factors that helped the movie win the awards.
  • Read books based on filming and books by various directors.
  • Refer various movie scripts and understand the process of film making
  • Work on your communication skills as you are the key communicator in sets
  • Work or assist under mentors to understand real film making process.
  • Shoot short films with affordable equipment and upload in social media sites.
  • Create your portfolio which compiles your works
  • Attend various award shows to create network
  • Participate in short film festivals and competitions to earn accolades that helps in recognition for your works. 
These processes will help in getting you opportunities to debut as assistant director or as director in main stream movies.

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