About Us
LK Productions
LK Productions International is a Kochi-based production house established in 2020. The company is specialized in producing captivating and inspiring movies and short films based on globally relevant themes. With our production house, we aim to produce movies that leave the audience laugh, cry, wonder, get emotional, and receive a message important to them. Our mission is to be a successful production house that has an influential national as well as international presence. The vision of our company is to produce movies that redefine the standards of filmmaking and get to new pinnacles of filmmaking.

LK Productions is grateful to be associated with an industry that entertains, stimulates, and influences people across the world alike, regardless of their age and gender. The production house was established with the aim of exploring creativity and artistry. We combine our passion, inventiveness, and imagination with every project. We believe that film is a great medium to depict the social issues that need to be explored, and we will depict crucial social issues through our films. With our unique way of storytelling, perseverance, and hard work, our production company aims to reach new heights in the filmmaking field, along with influencing and outstretching people from different cultural and economic backgrounds.
Our Legacy
The CEO and Founding Director of LK Productions is Mr. Rajesh Puthenpurayil. He is a movie director, philanthropist, social worker, and entrepreneur. LK Productions is an inspired production house with its registered office in Kochi. The company is focused on producing and developing artistic, imaginative, and appealing movies and short films. LK Productions was established in 2020 to assist people to tell their impactful stories to the whole world through the medium of films, short films, and video content.

Our journey in the film industry kicked off when our founder and great visionary Mr. Rajesh Puthenpurayil decided to pursue his dreams. We have an admirable in-house creative team who can attain new heights in storytelling. With hard work and persistence, the company is centered on producing and creating award-winning projects and break the perimeters of creativity repeatedly in the film industry that demands quality and excellence every time. We would like to create a legacy in the movie industry with creativity, brilliance, quality, and positivity in all the projects we deal with.
Our Vision
The vision of LK Productions is to develop and produce stand-out movies, short films, corporate films, documentaries, fiction films, and telefilms. We just do not want to produce and create movies and other types of video content, but we focus on developing and producing motivating, educational, inventive, and promotional films that will make a worldwide impact. We aim to back up individual artists who are experienced and fresh with an ingenious mindset, along with corporations that are small scale or large scale on their goal to create and produce excellent video content. Our association with individual artists and corporations will be targeted at producing and making quality films that offer social messages and awareness in society.
Our Mission
Our main mission is to become a successful production house that will stay in the minds of people forever. The company works on developing into a production house that has a solid national as well as international presence in the film industry. Our objective is to have a strong association with creative filmmakers who have a fresh style of storytelling. We look at offering opportunities to hopeful moviemakers, fulfill their dreams, and create lifelong relationships. Our association with individual artists and companies gives importance to creating films with a globally relevant theme, together with making film productions that leave the critics, film lovers, and audience astonish, laugh, enjoy, cry, and inspired. Thus, we entered into the film industry for creating irreplaceable, impeccable, and great projects.
LK Productions not only lend a hand to the individual artists, corporates, and professionals to conquer their filmmaking dreams but also guide people to learn every aspect of moviemaking through our academy. We present a platform for people to become resourceful scriptwriters, great directors, and inventive filmmakers. The company presents a scriptwriting and direction course, which allows movie enthusiasts or people who would like to learn different areas of filmmaking to gain better knowledge in the film industry. The three months course focuses on giving practical classes in scriptwriting, direction, cinematography, audiography, and editing. The course director of our scriptwriting and direction course is Ms. Vidhu Vincent, who is an award-winning movie director. Our scriptwriting and direction course will give you a great platform or superior understanding of scriptwriting, direction, cinematography, audiography, and editing.