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01 August 2022
A Step Forward To Film Career in Year 2022 by Choosing These Online Courses

The film making industry’s growth never stops. Even during the pandemic the film making industry grossed some box office hits.  Many of the movie explored untouched methods of movie shooting such as shooting in iPhone and home shoots.  Directors discovered new topics to explore in their movies. Many new upcoming film makers used this opportunity to independently show case their talents through short films and movies in OTT platforms. This success essentially proved that film making career will never see a dip in itsindustry.
Those who aspire to become film makers even during this pandemic can pursue these awesome courses that is provided by both universities and online learning platform. Some of the courses are:

  • Online Courses
  • Getting your film off the ground- Coursera
  • Photography Basics and beyond: from Smartphone to DSLR- Coursera
  • Making a short film: Start to Finish-Lynda
  • Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator-Udemy
  • Cinematography Course-Skill share
  • DSLR Film Making for All-Skill share
  • Exploring movie construction and production-Alison
  • The Complete Video Production Boot camp-Udemy
  • Film using any camera: Basics of Shooting video correctly-Udemy
  • Cinematography Master class-Udemy
  • Film and Television Institute of India Pune Online Short-Term Courses
  • Being Director: Find Your Voice Through Making a Film
  • Basic Course in Smartphone Film Making
  • Basic Course in Writing Dialogue and Scene for Screen
  • Foundation Course in Screenplay Writing

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