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14 January 2022
Is Workshop Classes Important For Film Learning?

Film learning is a professional course. It is not possible to derive all knowledge about film making from theory classes.
Most universities provide free workshop along with their courses. There are also many stand-alone workshops for those wishing to upgrade skills.
Benefits of film making workshop are many. Some of which are:

      1.Live Insights- During workshops students can see live film making process by going to studios and can also assist film making crew.

      2. Person to Person mentoring- The film makers would share their ideas and experience and mentor students for good film making experience.

      3.Networking- While in workshops people will meet various crew members which will help in making connection and networking for future endeavours.

      4.Get to know latest trends and methods- We only learn basics from classrooms, workshops help us to know latest shooting techniques and development in cinema industry.

Workshops provide with knowledge that is happening now in the industry and a professional course like film making must provide student workshops in order to provide the apt knowledge.

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