Most companies advertise themselves to promote their products or services and let the audience identify their name while purchasing a product or service. They use short songs or tunes called jingles, a type of sound branding that may contain some hooks to describe the products and services or the advertiser explicitly. It is used for commercial purposes as well, in radio as well as television commercials to set up a brand identity.

From advertisements to movies, we cover everything as a production house under the banner of LK Productions International. You can reach us for advertising and to strengthen your brand identity. We are up for it and help you finish up the brand advertisement with jingles, whether it is a radio station jingle or television station jingle. We always maintain the quality, keep all the rights, and promise you that no copyright issue will be filed against you for using the jingles provided by LK Productions International with a legal agreement.

You can find here all the jingles produced by us for various brand identities. Check out the works we have done so far and contact us if you have any queries. Please note that you will face legal consequences if you use any of these jingles without permission, as these all are subject to copyright and the rights belong to LK Productions International.

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