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LK Productions International
A Kochi based production house

LK Productions, a Kochi based production house with its registration office at Kochi is specialized in producing effectual and captivating movies and videos that are based on a globally relevant theme, yes

productions that will make the audience wonder, question, laugh, cry, or inspire! We started in 2020 under the leadership of Mr. Rajesh Puthenpurayil, who laid the foundation for what LK Productions has come to be today.

LK Productions

LK Productions International is a Kochi-based production house established in 2020. The company is specialized in producing captivating and inspiring movies and short films based on globally relevant themes. With our production house, we aim to produce movies that leave the audience laugh, cry, wonder, get emotional, and receive a message important to them. Our mission is to be a successful production house that has an influential national as well as international presence. The vision of our company is to produce movies that redefine the standards of filmmaking and get to new pinnacles of filmmaking.

LK Productions is grateful to be associated with an industry that entertains, stimulates, and influences people across the world alike, regardless of their age and gender. The production house was established with the aim of exploring creativity and artistry. We combine our passion, inventiveness, and imagination with every project. We believe that film is a great medium to depict the social issues that need to be explored, and we will depict crucial social issues through our films. With our unique way of storytelling, perseverance, and hard work, our production company aims to reach new heights in the filmmaking field, along with influencing and outstretching people from different cultural and economic backgrounds.

Our Team
LK Productions have a team of experienced professionals in the film industry, and they target to produce movies of global standards. Our team aim at developing and producing creative, classic, as well as inspiring movies, short films, corporate films, documentaries, fiction films, and telefilms. Our focus is on making and producing inspirational, educational, and persuasive films that will create a worldwide impact. Creativity, uniqueness, quality, excellence, and positivity echoes in every project. Moreover, our team creates opportunities for the moviemakers to display their abilities, love for filmmaking, ability to turn their imagination into reality and blend one's passion and artistry. They also help aspirant moviemakers to learn the basics of scriptwriting, direction, cinematography, audiography, and editing.

Our team support individual and talented artists as well as organizations to accomplish their dream of making exceptional films and short films through our production house. Our association with gifted artists and organizations will target producing quality films that offer social messages and awareness in society. We have a network of prolific filmmakers and professionals, which helps us to produce movies and give our best to every project we engage in. Our team is expertise in making films of all genres including scary, musical, funny, dramatic, romantic, science fiction, and so on. In the ever-changing modern filmmaking, we encourage ourselves to keep updated with filmmaking and excel in every project.

We maintain a great relationship with some of the great directors, famous scriptwriters, renowned filmmakers, and other well-known personalities of filmmaking. It helps us to unfold unique forms of storytelling, and make movies that are entertaining, distinctive, captivating, and influential to the audience. Our association and bond with celebrated personalities of filmmaking help us to become a successful production house that has a dominant presence in the film industry.

Our Founder
Mr. Rajesh Puthenpurayil is the CEO and founding director of LK Productions. He is a movie director, philanthropist, social worker, and entrepreneur. Under his leadership, LK Productions aims to become one of the recognized hubs for movie production as well as the best academies for learning filmmaking. He has a postgraduate in Journalism and Sociology. Our founder has experience in assisting great movie directors. He started his film career with the short film named “Made in”.