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Scriptwriting and direction is a dream of many people the world over. They try hard and sacrifice everything to attain glory in scriptwriting and direction. In today’s digital world, it is easy for people to reach their filmmaking dreams. You can come across many platforms these days that help aspirant scriptwriters, directors, and filmmakers to develop their skills, explore their capabilities, and make the most of their creative thinking. LK Productions International is one of such platforms committed to assisting people to become creative scriptwriters, ingenious directors, and artistic filmmakers.

About The Course
Our scriptwriting and direction course is intended to introduce you to the world of cinema. Cinema is a realm packed with many opportunities and you can grab your well-deserved opportunity through our formal training. The direction and scriptwriting course that we provide is meant for people passionate about writing, direction, and all types of art connected to filmmaking, regardless of their age and gender.

Generally, the duration of our writing and direction course is three months. It is a UGC-approved certificate course. The course presents aspirants with the practical skills of writing, direction, and all other aspects of filmmaking. Our writing and direction program is Jain University accredited course. The course director is Ms. Vidhu Vincent who is an award-winning movie director.

Our course will provide the aspirant filmmakers with the basic knowledge and better understanding of scriptwriting, direction, cinematography, audiography, and editing. Admission is done through a student counselor. There is no age bar for admission. The classes are arranged online for the students, and it will be zoom classes.

Days of Classes : 5 days a week (Monday to Friday).

Timings of Classes : 7 to 8.30 PM.

Following the completion of 3 months course, there will be a 10 days full-time workshop. Students are compulsory to participate in the 10 days full-time workshop. After the workshop, there will be an online exam for writing, direction, editing, cinematography, and audiography. The online exam will be conducted by the university. Once the online exam is over, you are required to submit a minimum of 3 minutes short film of your own. The UGC-approved course certificate will handover to students once they successfully go through these processes.

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LK Productions International provides the participants with a platform to master in scriptwriting, direction, cinematography, audiography, and editing.

Script Writing
Our gracefully designed course will help you achieve your dream of becoming a successful screenplay writer. The course presents irreplaceable opportunities to learn the technique, aesthetics, and skills of scriptwriting. This program will help you to unleash your creative mind and gain confidence in your writing abilities.

Cinema direction is a mixture of inventiveness, imagination, and technique. A film director is the soul of a movie. He should have better knowledge of screenwriting, sound recording, cinematography, acting, editing, and all aspects of filmmaking. Therefore, formal training and a course are necessary for everyone new to direction. Our course will be helpful to the aspirant and inexperienced directors who wish to raise their direction to a professional level.

Great vision, an imaginative sensibility, solid eye-hand coordination, and knowledge of digital cameras and technology are required for cinematographers. With the arrival of the latest technology in the film and media field, cinematographers should know how to handle and practice the latest technology. The course will give basic knowledge in cinematography and let you know how to use modern technology.

Audiography is all about the audio engineering executed by the sound department. It consists of sound recording, mixing, editing, and sound design. The course will prepare you to become a master in sound engineering and guide you to understand the role of sound in art, its aesthetic practice, and how it can be attained in your work.

Film editing plays a forceful role in the making of a film and editors make us feel emotionally linked to each sequence of a film. You have to learn the essentials of film editing and much more to be an expert. Our course prepares the students to turn out to be imaginative and skilled professionals in editing.
What is this course about?

This course is meant for people who wish to build their career in movie making, and it covers all segments that you would like to learn in movie making. Please go through the details of the course to know more.

What are the segments of movie making included in this course?

We call it wholly as movie making. Alternatively, various segments are encapsulated into the word "movie." The course we provide in movie making includes script writing, direction, cinematography, audiography, and editing.

Can I opt for own choices?

Yes, you can opt for your own choices for the course. You can either select individual courses in scriptwriting, direction, cinematography, audiography, editing or choose the one that you are interested in from the segments.

What is the duration of this course?

This course is 3-months durable in which we take 60 days of online classes through Zoom from Monday to Friday (7:00 pm to 8:30 pm) and 10 days of full-time practical workshop following the online classes.

What are the eligibility criteria to join this course?

The minimum educational qualification required to join this course is Plus Two. So, anyone who holds the essential qualification, i.e., either Plus Two or a qualification equivalent to it, or higher can join this certificate course.

Is there any age limit for joining the course?

No, there is no age restriction for this course. The only eligibility criterion for joining this course is having passed Plus Two. No matter how old you are, you can join the course if you have the desired educational qualification.

How can I be certified as a scriptwriter, director, cinematographer, audiographer, or editor?

You will receive the course certificate as a scriptwriter, director, cinematographer, audiographer or editor only after the assessment of your performances in the practical and online theory examination. An expert panel of directors and moviemakers will assess your performances.

Is it an approved certificate course?

Yes, this is a UGC approved certificate course and the certificate will be issued by Jain University after evaluating your performances in the theory as well as practical examinations by the expert directors and moviemakers.

How much should I pay for this course?

You have to pay to join this course, which is affordable too. We recommend you contacting our student councilor to get more details about payment.

How can I join this course?

If you are interested in joining this UGC approved certificate course in script writing, direction, cinematography, audiography, and editing, please contact our student councilor, who can help you with proper guidance.

How can I pay you?

After contacting the student councilor, you can pay online through the website or direct account transfer via internet banking if you are ready to join the course.

Do you accept debit/credit card payments?

Yes, we do accept debit and credit card payments through the website.