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About Our Short Film Competition
In the modern era, we can see many short films on social media platforms. People used to create short films without even thinking about the quality, theme, and content. The current 5G-oriented information technology has shown the way to the productions of many crummy short films. The lack of proper censoring results in the creation of lousy films. Possibly, we may ignore watching high-quality short films due to the many poor-quality films that we watch.

LK International productions understand the situation very well and offer talented filmmakers a great opportunity through our short film competition. The short-film competition we organize is a chance that cannot be missed for new talents who would like to present their unique storytelling skills to the whole world. With the short film competition, LK International focuses on bringing out the true art of short-filmmaking from the fresh talents by providing them with a finer platform to display the depth and diversity of their creative thinking and creativity to the global audience when it comes to making short films.

Short Film Competition Directions
If you would like to take part in the LK short-film festival, you have to submit a short film with a duration of 3-5 minutes. The LK short film competition presents five Special Awards based on the international assessment criteria. The five special awards come in the categories of the best short film, the best direction, the best script, the best actor and the best actress, and the best cinematography. Besides these top five categories, 25 other notable awards await you for better visual treats. Apart from the awards, the competition presents a great opening for the contest winners as well as contest participants to be noticed by several industry leaders who are in association with LK productions international.
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What is the LK Productions International short film competition?

LK productions International short film competition is an online short-film contest for new talents organized in the Malayalam language.

Why is the LK productions International short film competition relevant?

Our short film competition is relevant, as it allows new talents to expose their creativity, creative thinking, fresh ideas, and unique storytelling styles.

What is the purpose of the LK productions short film competition?

The main purpose of our short film competition is to give a chance for talented and creative people to display their skills and creativity to the whole world.

When will the LK productions short film competition be held?

The short film competition of LK production takes place in December every year.

Where does the short film competition of 2021 will be held?

The short film competition of 2021 will be a virtual event, and it will be done online or on a digital platform.

Will LK productions organize a real-time short film competition soon?

Yes, certainly. We will organize a real-time short film competition once the world is free from Covid 19 pandemic.

How do I submit my short film to participate in the short film competition?

Contestants can find the SUBMISSIONS tab on our website, and it will give you complete details regarding your short film submission.

Is it possible for me to become a sponsor or contribute to the LK productions short film competition?

Yes, it is possible. LK Productions welcomes sponsors, contributors, sponsorships, and partnerships to make our short film competition a grand success. You can contact us for further details.

What are the eligibility criteria for short films?

The short film that you submit should have a minimum runtime of three minutes. The short film that you submit can have a duration of 3-5 minutes. The language of the short film should be Malayalam.

What are the awards presented for the short film competition?

LK Productions International presents awards for the top five categories such as the best short film, the best direction, the best script, the best actor and the best actress, and the best cinematography.

LK Productions International has come up with certain terms and conditions for the smooth and flawless organization of the short film competition. The participants who partake in the short film contest must accept our terms and conditions. Your short film entry and participation in the short film competition suggest your total acceptance of the terms and conditions

  • The opportunity to partake in LK productions short film competition is open for everyone regardless of one’s age and gender. Participants who are under legal age need to present their parents’ consent letters while they submit the short film with us.
  • There are no theme or concept restriction measures for the short film entries. The short films are acceptable based on any themes or concepts.
  • The short film that you submit must be in the Malayalam language. However, other language short films that do not have any dialogues are accepted.
  • The short film that participants submit must not have any copyright issues. You should be the sole owner of the short film you submit.
  • There should be a runtime of a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes including opening and closing credits for the short film that every participant submits.
  • The entry fee of short films is INR 600 per film.
  • The film should be produced and completed after 1st January 2020.
  • More than one short film entry is possible from a participant. However, participants must ensure to make separate application forms and pay entry fees separately.
  • The last date for short film submission is 25th December 2021. However, the contestants are permitted to make late entries to the competition with a late fee of INR 200. The deadline for the late entry submission will be 10th January 2022.
  • The participants can submit the short films to the WeTransfer account of LK Productions International. They can also make use of online transfer services such as Google Drive or Dropbox for the short film submission. YouTube and Vimeo links are not accepted.

Every participant of the LK productions short film competition should be aware that we reserve the right to revise and change the terms and conditions of the competition at any time without any prior notice to the participants even after the commencement of the contest.

Our short film competition presents many opportunities to new talents who are looking for a channel to display their abilities to the world in front of them through their unique works. Our contents not only assist them to win awards but also get appreciation to their works from the society itself. The competition will help you to cross the barriers, gain confidence, attain more awards, and work on to improve your skills. Although you can receive plenty of benefits from our competition, some of the highlights of our short film competition include:

  • Special awards in the top 5 categories
  • More than 25 notable awards
  • Honorary mentions for skilled talents or contestants
  • Specialized guidance to contestants
  • Free master class for contestants
  • A special showcase of award-winning short films.
  • Workshops by renowned filmmakers, technicians, and media personalities.
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